The Journal of Languages, Culture and Civilization (JLCC) aims at publishing the most innovative peer-reviewed articles on all languages, cultures, civilizations, and societies in the disciplines of Social Sciences. The JLCC publishes multidisciplinary, quality, original research, and wide-ranging in scope without any language barrier. The journal provides a forum for discussion on the original, historical, and contemporary issues of all Languages, Cultures, and Civilizations across the societies with welcoming innovative and critical approaches.

The JLCC seeks to appraise the valued audience of readers with the best work being done in the variety of intellectual traditions included under the rubric of social sciences particularly regarding linguistic and language-based, cultural, and societal issues and their dynamics.

Therefore, we welcome all submissions addressing in any language that addresses and contributes to important disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary questions and controversies.

The scope of this journal is very wide and welcomes articles on all languages, cultures, and civilizations in the disciplines of Social Sciences.  The authors are encouraged to submit their articles on a topic of their choice related to, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • Andragogy, pedagogy and Anthropological studies
  • Code and ethics in the arts and humanities
  • Sociology and Cultures across the societies
  • Foreign and second language education
  • Gender in inter-cultural studies
  • History, epistemology, and philosophy
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Innovation in educational research
  • Enhancing Critical Thinking via Innovative Teaching
  • Curricula for Creative Learning and Innovative Teaching
  • Interpreting and translation studies
  • Languages, culture, and gender issues
  • Language policy, practice, and decision-making
  • Languages, culture, and communication
  • Languages, ethnicity; ideology, and religion
  • New trends in the arts and humanities
  • Social intervention, language, and multimedia
  • Sociological and Islamic Studies
  • Theory and practice in educational psychology
  • Transnational and regional identities and their relationship to cultural and social processes
  • Economic history and civilizations
  • All Civilizations and Cultures of all Religions

All articles should be written in any language but in addition to the original paper, the title and abstract including keywords should also be in English Language.  The article should be about 4000 to 6000 words including references in APA style in MS Word file. Manuscripts are expected to include an explicit, systematic, and rigorous contribution to moving forward the knowledge of academic writing as per the scope of the journal.