Urdu Ghazal Poets in Layyah: An Evaluative and Critical Study


  • Riaz Hussain Rahi Ph. D Scholar, Department of Urdu. BZU, Multan
  • Muhammad Asif Associate Professor, Department of Urdu.BZU, Multan.




Layyah, Ghazal, Politics, Culture, Civilization, Identity, Individually, Simile, Metaphor


Layyah is a flourishing region in South Punjab in terms of poetry. Ghazal is important in literature espeicially due to its thematic diversity and artistic aesthetics. Despite being far from the major literary centers of Pakistan, Layyah has a strong socio-political, economic, cultural milieu and modern literary trends. The poet of this region is deeply bound up with the soil of his wasaib. That is why the poet is representative of his time. The subject of this article is about ghazal. Ghazal holds a great deal of importance in the arena of genres of literature. Ghazal has proved its manifold significance in every era of human history. In the 20th century when poem became too famous, Heimous attacks had been noticed on ghazal. A number of critics have raised seriuos questions about the future of ghazal. But time has proved the reality that ghaza is still touching heights of popularity. Ghazal has got its prominence not only in the urban areas of the subcontinent but it is equally popular in its superbs. In this research parer, the works of lyricist poets representing Layyah have been reviewed.




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Rahi, R. H., & Asif, M. (2022). Urdu Ghazal Poets in Layyah: An Evaluative and Critical Study . Journal of Languages, Culture and Civilization, 4(3), 350-372. https://doi.org/10.47067/jlcc.v4i3.125