Socio-Economic Implications of Colonialism: A Comparative Study of Africa and Indian Sub-Continent


  • Maleeka Tul Zahra Department of Economics, The Government Sadiq College Women University, Bahawlapur, Pakistan
  • Taseer Salahuddin Department of Economics, The Government Sadiq College Women University, Bahawlapur, Pakistan
  • Furrukh Bashir School of Economics, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan
  • Altaf Hussain Department of Economics, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan



Socioeconomic, Decolonization, Neo-colonization, Colonization, Indigenous People, Colonial Relationship


This is descriptive and exploratory study provides a complete summary on socio-economic implications of colonialism of Great Britain in Africa and Indian subcontinent. In this study used the Meta-analysis. The current study explores impact of colonialism in the post-colonial world through content analysis of books, scholarly works, and online material. Two important books have used extensively in this study, one is by Shashi Tharoor book (Inglorious Empire_ What the British Did to India), who cover the real facts about sub-continent and second is by Adam, Hochs child book (King Leopold's Ghost).Furthermore, it is an exploration of methods to decolonize countries and minds. This study also highlights the positive and negative impacts on the economy of Indian subcontinent and Africa. The British had a significant impact on linguistic, education systems and training, historic architecture, effective communication, the political and governmental systems, mentality, and culture in the area that Asia (especially India and Pakistan) inherited and Africa. This study comprehensively contributes to the understanding of colonialism role in different socioeconomic factors from various dimensions. It further points out future directions of research.


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