Dr. A. B Ashraf as a Pen Sketcher: An Analytical Study


  • Muhammad Ashraf Bahuddine Zakariya University Multan
  • Muhammad Ibrahim M.Phil Scholar, Department of Urdu, Emerson University Multan.
  • Muhammad Sultan M.Phil Scholar, Department of Urdu,  Emerson University Multan.




Dr. A. B. Ashraf, Sketch and Pen Sketching, Kinds of Sketches, Multani Civilization and Culture, Fascinating Conversations, Humorous and Ironical Events


Dr. A.B. Ashraf is a well-known and well-grounded researcher of Urdu literature. He is an authentic critic, fiction writer, travel writer and educationist. B. Ashraf's pen sketches are outstanding. The main reason for its popularity is pen sketches of ancient and modern poets, scholars and writers. By his pen portraits, B. Ashraf gave new breaths to the ancient civilization, culture of Multan, both classical and modern poets. His readers are privileged to know the history of Multan by his pen portraits. Humorous incidents, ironic statements and exquisite dialogues make them captivating. “Kesy Kesy Log” is the masterpiece of Dr.A.B. Ashraf. The depiction of writers, the magnificent combination of Siraiki and Urdu phrases, dance, ecstasy, charm of literary gatherings, alluring imagery, elegant style and poetic episodes enhance its excellence. This magnum opus is of great importance in preserving the name of Dr. AB Ashraf alive and exuberant in the tradition of Urdu pen sketching.




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Ashraf, M., Ibrahim, M. ., & Sultan, M. . (2023). Dr. A. B Ashraf as a Pen Sketcher: An Analytical Study . Journal of Languages, Culture and Civilization, 5(2), 89-100. https://doi.org/10.47067/jlcc.v5i2.175

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