Issues of Contemporary Urdu Research and Retrieval of its Quality


  • Muhammad Khawar Nawazish Associate Professor, Department of Urdu, Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan



Research, Contemporary, Principles, Quality, Problems, Issues


Urdu research is facing various problems at present and these problems are actually more in institutional level research. There is a lot of repetition in the topics that students choose for research, mainly because the topics are made up for serving the purpose. The themes and topics of research are not based on any philosophical thought process. This paper tried to highlight these issues. At the same time, students' unfamiliarity with research principles and methods has also been made a topic. In order to retrieve the quality of the research in Urdu, two different articles and examples of their topics, content, methods and discussions are presented, including “Muhammad Hussain Azad as a Researcher” by Qazi Abdul Wudud and “History of Urdu Literature till 1700: In the light of Research” by Abrar Abdul Salam. Writer of this research paper is of the view that at least above mentioned two articles should be taught to the students before they are forced into the field of practical research.




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Nawazish, M. K. (2023). Issues of Contemporary Urdu Research and Retrieval of its Quality. Journal of Languages, Culture and Civilization, 5(2), 177-186.