Identifying Beauvoir’s Idea of Equal Freedom in Munir’s Unfettered Wings; Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary Women: An Existential Feminist Approach


  • Kashmala Ashraf
  • Durr-e- Nayab
  • Maryam Hassan



Existentialism, Feminism, Freedom of choice, Lack of authority


Men and women are of equal worth regardless of their social and economic statuses but due to cultural and social restrictions, women are considered inferior to men and thus lack basic freedom of choice in their lives. Beauvoir negated this concept and demanded equal freedom for both men and women to attain meaningful existence of human beings through her philosophy of ‘Existential Feminism’. This particular research aims to analyze and interpret the lack of freedom among women in matters of their life choices through the various themes presented in the novel under consideration using Beauvoir’s Existential Feminist Approach. It is a qualitative study that discusses and analyzes the thematic structure of the selected novel. The main purpose of this research was to interpret the freedom of choice in both men and women and to interpret whether women lack basic freedom in their lives. This study can help future researchers in the field of both existentialism and feminism.


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