Developing EFL Vocabulary Through Flashcards at Secondary Level in District Sahiwal, Pakistan


  • Azra Liaquat Department of English, University of Sahiwal, Pakistan.
  • Saeed Ahmad Zaman Department of Sociology, University of Okara, Pakistan.
  • Naima Nawaz Department of Rural Sociology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.



Flashcards, EFL Vocabulary, Learners, Language, Developing


This paper attempts to enhance EFL vocabulary through flashcards at the secondary level in District Sahiwal. This research aims to show how flashcards help students to enhance their EFL vocabulary at the secondary level. For this purpose, classroom action research is used as a research methodology that includes planning, acting, observation, and reflection. It is quantitative research. Data has been collected from 10 students at a government school in Sahiwal that consists of one pre-test and two post-tests as series 1 and series 2. The mean score is applied to analyze data. From the findings, the mean result of the pre-test is 24.8 which consists of the traditional method. After applying flashcards, the result of post-test series 1 is 33.9, and series 2 is 43.9. The results conclude that by using flashcards learners took more interest in language learning. The result of post-test series 2 is higher than series 1 and the pretest. It shows that flashcards help learners to improve their EFL vocabulary.


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